March 6, 2007

The St. Petersburg Declaration

The best we can do is fight a holding action until modern elements within the Muslim world draw a line between themselves and the atavists (Islamofascists) among them (I used to use the term "civil war", but this separation need not be violent unless the latter chooses so). I believe that the St. Petersburg Declaration is a historical moment of great significance, wonderful news and it should be celebrated and defended by free people all over the world.

The best coverage I've found so far is here from Gateway Pundit.

The next Islamic Enlightenment starts now!

From InstaPundit: "THE SECULAR ISLAM SUMMIT hasn't gotten the attention it deserves... the media have mostly ignored this...". That's right. That's why I've migrated towards surfing around 50 sites on the web for my news. Bloglines helps smooth out the surf. Actually, I used to spend more time reading the newspapers back in the day before I realized their deficiencies.

UPDATE: A very good video with clips of several presenters here.

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