March 8, 2007

Penny Aphorisms

To be an artist is to recognize one's affinities and make them vivid.

To be modern is to reconcile the things one makes with the life one lives.

Corollary: The postmodern implies the modern. They were born as one and bifurcated as they issued forth. In the latter, we indicated G-d through material means. In the former, we indicated everyday life through conceptual means.
Temerity is an occupational hazard for artists. The attempt to make something that will survive your lifetime requires balls, gumption. An artist who doesn't risk insolence, risks mediocrity.

Corollary: You can't fake arrogance.

The shortlist is the brutal essence of art in the public sphere. It is an illusion, it seems to be tyrannical. But without it, we could never together share the art we make --each of us as we ultimately exist in our private world.

Art manifests extrinsic value only once it has been invested with an intrinsic value in the first place. Therefore in the world of the marketplace, art is a mirror image of consumer goods, an inversion of the rule.

Salesmanship 101, lesson one: gratitude, generosity.

There should never be a struggle between "sales" and "manufacturing" in the artworld. The former should always be lucky to work with the latter, else they become the merchant of shoddy goods. The latter shouldn't let this go to their head. All are in service of art.

The artworld is like a theater. The stage is so small and the wings are full of actors. Most feel that they might never step under the lights! The only solace: that the marquee must change.

Be the first audience.

We who would be masters of irony, tend to fail to appreciate that our control will not prevent another turn against us.

All criticism is self criticism.

There are many art worlds.

Bureaucracy is the natural enemy of art.

Never let them know you're hungry.

Beneath the beach, the paving stones.

Kindness needs No theory.

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