March 15, 2007

Universal Mind

HenryTaylor031407.gif Last night as we were helping Bart Exposito install PAPER BOMBS, Henry Taylor stopped in with a roll of paper under his arm and a couple of shards of cardboard in his hand. He dropped the cardboard on the floor next to the other artwork and kept the roll tucked tight. It seems the roll was the drawing he had prepared for the show, something he was working on all week... but there on his studio floor was this shard that he dabbed paint on from time to time, something on the perhiphery of his attention, something he kept coming back to. He couldn't throw it away. He kept arranging it one way and then another between attacks on the principal worksite on his wall, kicking the shard around, rearranging it again. Finally, he had to bring it into the show with a sh-t eating grin.

Art is as simple --and as hard-- as paying attention.

It reminded me of a Bill Evans video series on YouTube, The Universal Mind of Bill Evans (in five parts):

Henry never opened the roll under his arm.

Bart heard Henry talk about "toast and butter", maybe that's the title of the piece?

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