April 2, 2007


This makes my week, already. Hilarious. I like the groundhog day-game reality connection and the dissenter who runs against game program. Someday one of our avatars might achieve a separate consciousness just like this. Or perhpas contrariwise: we get sucked into a virtual world and can't get out.

So Twilight Zone-like. That boundary between the imagination and reality --the blur means madness, doesn't it?

I know this map, it was a tough one: two ways into a terrorist hideout to free hostages inside, one above and the other below ground. Popping out of that hatch wasn't easy. Boy, I sure miss the days of Counter-Strike at Cyber-LAN.

A big plus: a good add for the bloglines list.

Posted by Dennis at April 2, 2007 9:07 AM

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