May 23, 2007

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Doug Harvey wrote in to clarify a potential misconception induced by my inference that Tim Hawkinson employs an army of assistants in his studio:

Hey Dennis

Just so you and Aaron are clear, Tim Hawkinson rarely uses any studio help or outside fabricators. For the tight deadline of the Getty/Nyehaus/PaceWildenstein hat trick, he had one part time assistant for the last few weeks before the NY openings, mostly to keep the Uberorgan functioning while he was out of town.

Keep the faith


Claro de agua, Doug!

Given the industrial strength aspect of Hawkinson's work, I hope I may be pardoned for the assumption that he must at least have people assisting him if not with the artwork itself, then with other aspects of his studio. He is of course a tremendous sculptor and he deserves the strong support that graces his career in LA and now NY.

Having defenders the likes of Doug Harvey come to your aid is strong support indeed. I think Doug Harvey is the best writer on art on the West Coast, second only to Dave Hickey in the West and in the very, very short list of writers nationally that I am automatically interested in reading when I see a new piece arise in print.

Posted by Dennis at May 23, 2007 7:17 AM

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