May 24, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day comes this weekend.

(Via my favorite military news site, Strategy Page.)

PostScript: If this post was a little too kumbayah (my point being that a wobbly guitar solo has as much to do with nation building as a full metal jacket), check out this video from a British soldier in Afganistan who se camera captured what its like over there. At about 3 minutes into the video he got shot and he had to maneuver his vehicle and his crew to safety. He was gasping. You can tell that he was worried about the extent of his injury, from the character of his sputtered profanity. At 5 minutes his buddies check him out and they cheerfully inform him: "'Ave you been shot in the arse?" He stumbled to the rear for medical attention and his buddy leaned into the camera for posterity's sake, mockingly: "I've been shot in the ass!" with a cheerful leering grin that spoke of the relief that the wound was of no serious consequence.

Posted by Dennis at May 24, 2007 5:03 PM

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