June 11, 2007

Nursed Notions and Hodgkin

Good bits from Howard Hodgkin in a BBC interview here:

HH: I think one of my great good fortunes as a painter is that I am not categorized and I am not a member of a school. Which perhaps gives me some slight advantage. When people look at a picture of mine, they don't first say: oh, one of those, which they would obviously with a great number of other artists working there.

Hodgkin at the Tate here.

I've nursed a notion of creating representations of insubstantial "things" such as a conversation, for example. A transcription is one way, but I was thinking of how the notes taken during a meeting or classroom blackboards have the tracings of the conceptual peaks of a verbal transaction. Making a thing of this kind of event, a sculpture for example, has been a recurring concern. Hodgkin's representations of events is a good source to study in this regard.

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