June 29, 2007

Admin: Standby

I?m still settling into the routine here, and I hope to have the time to hack this ISP system soon to continue regular blogging. Guests and family and numerous have-to-dos are running interferance.

Henry, Alberto and I worked together last night, painting separately by and large as Kiko modelled for us. This, our tribute to a true son of Tossa. Henry took control of the kitchen and we grilled some meat in the manly way to smooth a session that lasted until five am. Pictures of that are in the laptop and I hope to be able to get them online soon.

Meanwhile, my family from Australia are coming in, a birthday being the ostensible reason for the get together. Our family has been fragmented over the years, the dream of a reunion is extra special as it is likely to remain a dream, alas alack.

Posted by Dennis at June 29, 2007 5:17 AM

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