August 24, 2007

Admin: Loose Ends and Tales of Woe

I don't mean to instigate a pity party, but things have been a bit of an obstacle course over here in land.

(cue the litany of woe...)

-My main browser (Safari) has bit the dust, I suspect something has become corrupted in the code of my operating system and I have to wait until I get back to the states to chase the problem down.

-Resorting to Firefox hasn't helped much since it has been freezing up, usually in the middle of something important and invested with much time. Now I'm back with the old Explorer, creaky and wobbly. So far, so good I guess.

-Time crunches are down with the division of the summer's work between two galleries and all the ship prep that goes with it. My carpenter Ramon is on the job, preparing a crate. The catalogue work is underway. A blogpost discussing what happened is coming soon.

-My barber, the wig wearing Juanco, had chopped waaaaay too much off the top as he chatted up the local passers by on the street, all swivel necked and goggle eyed. Aaaaaay yi yi.

-Stephanie is back and this has unleashed a fury of partying and drinking and walking the streets of Barcelona and cooking under the sun that has been hiding peek-a-boo with thunder storms that has been bumming Europe out this summer.

-I've been in the water with Kiko and Alberto, logging in almost four hours in three dives within 24 hours. Supercool, but my feet are shredded (I need booties but I'm old skool when it comes to flippers) and my inner ear still thinks I'm hanging onto rocks in pounding surf.

Still, I smile.


-Now my Explorer is freezing up. My eyes roll into the sockets....

Posted by Dennis at August 24, 2007 10:27 AM

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