November 2, 2007

What's up with you?

Jacques is grooving on Pinker, here's a slice:
"Freedom's just another word for --nothing left to lose...", Jacques s having a Decker moment:

The inevitability of death is great to meditate on so that mortality ceases to be an abstract concept and becomes the impetus for personal individuation. In this vein I'm really beginning to embrace the theory of living my beliefs and putting it all on the line rather than engage in a complicit massage of the system for personal gain. It could be a bad idea from an evolutionary perspective, but I guess I don't really care at this point. Institutions are not the meaning of life. And it's way cool to actually believe in something. What's up with you?

That's right, Jacques. Bureaucracy is the natural enemy of art. Go get 'em. I'll watch your back.

Old friend, fellow blogger and Chi-town neighbor Jacque de Beaufort is kicking butt over at his blog. I saw the Gerald Davis Show, a great show, a great artist, paintings to marvel at and Jacques has a remarkable post on it. He's been getting into Steve Pinker's "The Blank Slate". My Pinker foto-grab above goes on to this:

The conviction that artists and connooisseurs are morally advanced is a cognitive illusion, arising from the fact that our circuitry for morality is cross-wired with our circuitry for status.


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