June 14, 2008


I counted eight days of build out. A wall, a deck, a stair no- shelves stelves, and a place to rack a few bigger things. Yesterday was gobbled up with this and that (shipping the previous four paintings out to Tomio) and the beginnings of moving my stuff into the new construction.

Finally, the new studio is ready to rock, all kitted out properly... and in a week and a half, I will fly out to Tossa to paint a few paintings during the summer for my galleries in Europe. It is a bit strange to take such strenuous effort to prep a studio just to fly out a week later, but there is some comfort in knowing that when I return to LA, I have a great studio that's ready to rock.

Today, Andrew Hahn and I are driving out to George Page's studio in Juniper Hills to make a few lithographs. Andrew is going to squeeze a camera and pick George's brain. Maybe we'll have a few images for you when we get back. There's much to report to you via this blog and as always, too much falls through my fingers. However, a diary must always follow life and not instead lead it... and this means specifically for me: painting. There are a few correspondents to reply to and a few thoughts I've had about the difficulties and blessings of being an artist in our early 21st century... I have a follow-up visit to the studio of Monique van Genderen for you all and of course, Jacques deserves a considered response to his recent cri de c?ur.

Please stay tuned, much more to come.

Posted by Dennis at June 14, 2008 7:55 AM

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