August 22, 2008

Rojo y Azul

One night, as we sat out under the night sky at Codolar Cove, magician and performer Germ?n Bernardo a.k.a. EL MAGO PAN told us a story about Rojo y Azul.

Alberto met Germ?n while trekking the Santiago de Compostela, they became fast friends ever since. He's from Toledo (if my memory serves me correctly) and he's a mathematician who teaches by day and a performer by night. Specifically, he's a magician, and a very very good one. As we walked the streets of Tossa, people called out his name, "?Mago, Mago, ven aqui por favor!", such an effect he had on people. What is interesting is that he is an artist who has both made his own art world and simultaneously belongs to a fraternity of conjurors that stretches back into prehistory.

This small impromptu performance on Codolar Cove was the last time I saw him, he was headed for an acting class in Valencia. The video is terrible visually (except for the moon over his shoulder) but Germ?n's story and elocution is wonderful and I thought worthy of sharing with you here.

Posted by Dennis at August 22, 2008 6:01 AM

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