October 11, 2008

Sunset in New York

As my hours in NYC dwindle down, a bit of Electric Relaxation from my favorite tribe.

It's been a great visit: friends and subways and taxis and galleries and museums and openings and chilled out parties and great food from the street to smart restaurants. I've got much to blog and little time, so bear with me whilst I mash the next several blogposts up for you all, some of it a little bit of catch up from the week before I left for the East Coast too.

New York is a magnificent city, there's no other like it... but then again, home for me is LA (and Tossa too, in a smaller but important measure) and it's going to be good to get on the AirTrain to JFK. Not only my honey and friends are all there waiting for me, but I have a Fall and Winter of work in a new studio in ChinaTown LA pending my arrival.

It has been... and it's going to be... fantastic.

Posted by Dennis at October 11, 2008 9:26 PM

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