December 15, 2008

Morgan Fisher

This is a one minute, fifteen second tour of Morgan Fisher's closing show at China Art Objects. I talked to him about his work, he described colors in space in an architectural relation to one another. He didn't use the term "architecture", but I was ready to. I could see how he thought in terms of inhabited space, human experience in bodily terms, vectored with sight lines and movement, the keynote of procession which is a prime indicator of architecture. I figured that a short mpg of the show was the best way to represent it here, roughly a minute on each side of the wall that divides the two galleries of China Art Objects. I thought immediately of my favorite books, Rudolf Arnheim's Art and Visual Perception and E. H. Gombrich's Art and Illusion. He took this reference as a nice surprise. I could imagine his mental universe as one that operates comfortably within those worlds. Of course, I must admit that this is probably more of a projection than an an accurate description of his project. He is quite a civil person, and he might have been too polite to say otherwise in our brief encounter. I look forward to more.

Posted by Dennis at December 15, 2008 11:10 AM

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