February 15, 2009

Bill Thompson

I had the pleasure of meeting Boston based painter Bill Thompson and his wife Natalie (an accomplished graphic designer) this week in Madrid, great people. He's a particularly focused person, the type who is self controlled enough to drop the reins from time to time. Impressive. This is what I have seen in our first encounter in Madrid.

He has been spending the past several summers in Cadaqu?s, Dali country... a connection that I am curious about in regards to Bill's work. Something to explore in future conversations, I hope. No doubt this proximity was a factor in his new alliance with Miguel Marcos.

A self described minimalist, he has been winding his practice in the Mondriaan way, dialing down painting until he found himself getting all Ryman-like when his figurative impulse went into the support. I like the way he has found trouble beneath the surface and I am eager to watch his progress in the studio.

Posted by Dennis at February 15, 2009 3:42 AM

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