April 28, 2009

unless your picture goes wrong, it will be no good

"Anything this charged and unforgettable is bound to nourish anyone who sees it, but especially artists, regardless of affiliations of style or medium. It reveals one of their greatest going all out, providing a breathtaking reminder that art can be anything an artist wants it to be, as long as it is driven by inner necessity, ruthless self-scrutiny and a determination to make every attempt not to repeat the past. In the end, such inoculations are the only real protection against the vicissitudes of opinion. Art that successfully internalizes them will in all likelihood come to be seen as part of its own time and retain a vigor that is capable of inspiring the art of the future. That is the feat of Picasso?s extraordinary final offerings."

Roberta Smith on Picasso at Gagosian via Sharon Butler's Two Coats of Paint

Posted by Dennis at April 28, 2009 11:24 AM

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