April 30, 2009

war, father of us all

Cat Shit One.

Blackwater Ronin Bunnies: "Don't go easy on them, just 'cause they're cute!!"

UPDATE: However, Roger Scruton (according to Robert Fulford at the National Post) might not appreciate Motofumi Kobayashi's effort:

The moral effect of kitsch may be obscured by sentiment but it's there. Kitsch, Scruton correctly points out, is a heartless world. It directs emotion away from its proper target towards sugary stereotypes, permitting us to pay passing tribute to love and sorrow without truly feeling them. "It is no accident that the arrival of kitsch on the stage of history coincided with the hitherto unimaginable horrors of trench warfare, of the Holocaust and the Gulag -- all of them fulfilling the prophecy that kitsch proclaims, which is the transformation of the human being into a doll, which in one moment we cover with kisses, and in the next tear to shreds."

(A fist bump for Heraclitus.)

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