May 28, 2009

Hiroshi Sugito at Mark Foxx

My good friend Hiroshi Sugito was in town for his show at Mark Foxx Gallery. I was able to catch up with him on his last day here as he was applying some finishing touches.

Our reunion reminded me of the force and delicacy of eye that he has. When his paintings arrived at the gallery and were installed, Hiroshi determined that the installation required that some of the paintings had to be adjusted, the colors modulated so that the space joined the paintings into one immersive environment, a very specific Hiroshi-world. Talking over dinner, Hiroshi was talking about how the color orange looks best in Germany. In Japan, pink is marvelous. In Los Angeles? We talked about the light in different parts of the world, how the local weather and latitude must be a factor in what we saw. What an eye he has! A bit of Matisse was conjured along the way. What about Bonnard? And Richard Tuttle. He delightedly showed me videos of the artist at Dieu Donn?, rigor balanced by play.


Here are some details of his paintings at Mark Foxx:


And by the way, I had an opportunity to see Mark's back room and I caught sight of Jason Meadow's recent work, great stuff.

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