August 8, 2009


We Poop Art: this was one of a long list of irreverent alternate names for WPA, an artist run gallery space created by a number of my pals in Los Angeles. I wish I could recall the others, the list was hilarious. This list and it's reference to the New Deal era also conveyed the playful and ultimately pragmatic attitude that animated the creation of this DIY art space so relevant to our bursted-bubbled historical moment.

Here's the about-blurb from their website:

WPA is an art space organized by artists

It is a straightforward and simple project that will provide opportunities for curated group shows, solo exhibitions, performances, screenings plus any other ideas that come to mind.

We have no single declaration of intent except to make possible an ambitious array of exhibits and activities by pooling our resources and taking advantage of this moment in Los Angeles. As a group we facilitate the individual.

WPA is a multi-purpose acronym; it can stand for anything you like, but it does intentionally recall the Works Progress Administration, Roosevelt?s New Deal relief agency that highlighted the arts and employed artists as artists during The Great Depression.

It looks like they will open the show today and celebrate the opening next week with a reception on the fifteenth. Be sure to check it out, they're a great group of people, all very talented and inspired.

Posted by Dennis at August 8, 2009 3:04 AM

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