November 12, 2009

WPA Sunday Screening

WPA is pleased to present a double-bill screening of Charles Irvin?s ?Membrane Lane? and Andrew Hahn?s ?Manifesto?.
Two mind-bending true stories, one night of experimental narrative video at WPA.
Screening begins at 7pm, Sunday, November 15. WPA, 510 Bernard Street, Chinatown, LA 90012.

?Membrane Lane?, Charles Irvin, 2009, 31 min.
Presented in the style of conspiracy theory documentaries, Irvin?s ?Membrane Lane? places The False Memory Syndrome Foundation in the backlash against progressive movements of the 1960's and 70's. Blind acceptance by many of the mythology of False Memory Syndrome grossly underscores America's culture of denial, fueled by a dangerous fiction that it is exceptional among nations. This belief of American exceptionalism too often keeps citizens from acknowledging and confronting the destructive aspects of culture and society, whether it's our excessive consumption, denial of our racist and violent history or social problems like child abuse.
Produced, written, directed by and starring Charles Irvin.

?Manifesto?, Andrew Hahn, 2007, 52 min.
Aping the style of tv news docudramas, ?like a self-conscious PBS Frontline episode?, Hahn?s ?Manifesto? is a no-budget bio-pic on the American terrorist Theodore Kaczynski, aka The Unabomber, starring David Hughes as Ted. Following the course of his eighteen year bombing campaign against industrial society, we get an askew glimpse into his mind and methods.
Produced, written and directed by Andrew Hahn.

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