April 8, 2010

a crack in the glass of a window


Tyler Green and Ed Schad have an interesting conversation, here's part of Tyler Green's intro:
The Guggenheim is having a much more modest Picassopalooza: It is showing two great still-lifes as part of a seventh-floor collection installation: This great 1924 painting that was the partial subject of one of TJ Clark's 2009 Mellon Lectures and the painting here, 1931's Pitcher with Bowl of Fruit. I saw the painting on a GuggWander with my buddy Ed Schad, who writes the blog I call it ORANGES, for Art Slant and ArtReview, and who works for the Broad Art Foundation. Ed and I were fascinated by the painting so I thought I'd try something new here on MAN: An in-depth conversation focused on one artwork. This is part one of two, published pretty much just as Ed and I talked it out -- no self-puffing editing involved. (Part two is here.):

Another thought:

TG: What if I put it this way: Picasso and Braque undertook a great experiment to destroy objects, to take them apart via cubism. The result of that experiment was to destroy the actual objects and to create new ones: Paintings. Meyer Schapiro says that before cubism there were paintings of things. After cubism, paintings were things.
And now, perhaps paintings are both things and of things.




Palm of the hand./Back of the hand.

Pedestrian Cities/Car Cities.






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