September 14, 2010

NYC Panoramas II

(Before we click under the fold to see the panoramas, here are a few outlier fotos.)
Titling UNT/TLED: Phil Wagner (artist) and Carol Cohen (co-owner of UNT/TLED with Joel Mesler) peel the moniker on the gallery front glass.

Joel Mesler in the hours before the opening. I can't say he was pensive... but he wasn't relaxed either. That combination sounds about right for the occasion.

Matt Chambers made a T-shirt for the event. He will have the next show at UNT/TLED, if my memory serves me correctly.

Sunday in the Lower East Side was a cluster of openings, the majority of my pics were of Joel Mesler and Carol Cohen's inaugural of their new space on 30 Orchard Street. My apologies to the other shows in the neighborhood. I was visiting them, guided by Doug Henders, a fast moving stream of events that prevented me from geeking out with my panoramic activities that would have documented the shows otherwise. Notable shows include a strange gallery where you enter through bookcases and Lisa Cooley's gallery who was showing Alex Olson.

The reception for UNT/TLED was in an apartment above the gallery.




On my way out to the airport, I decided to visit Adam Janes who was installing his show at CUETO Projects.



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