October 29, 2010

Progress Report

I'm delighted to be included in the honor-roll of Progress Report, a sister site to KCLOG, one of the few good art scene type local art gallery report blogs (to mention two from my list: Two Coats of Paint and Contemporary Art Daily, -the latter mention merits a hat tip to Bart Exposito, who cued me in on it recently).

Here is the background information blurb from Progress Report:

Progress Report is an visually-driven project founded by Kris Chatterson & Vince Contarino. It is dedicated to artist features, studio visits and is intended as a general curatorial resource for ourselves and others.

Progress Report aims to allow the categories of art-making to fall by the wayside by presenting a glimpse of the creative process that offer various perspectives with open-ended possibilities from the working artist?s point of view.

Artists live or die on the quantity and quality of public acclaim, and while I must admit that I have enjoyed only a relative few sips as yet from this fountain, the measure of the best quality-public-acclaim is from the grass roots upwards. To get a thumbs up from young artists is refreshing indeed and it merits a hearty shout out to this encouraging kind of infield chatter.

No, art's not fair at all, mainly because we all have to narrow down our choices on one thing or another on a daily if not an hourly basis. Top ten lists, best of lists, survey shows, round up books of contemporary art (especially painting) --we all have to choose who to include and not include within frames whose reality is limitation itself, whose imperative structures our contemporary art world in all it's facets. To make the list, even but especially so in a hand made, grass roots one like Progress Report, while this is not exactly tantamount to a dream come true... it is instead a dream come truer, very much so indeed.

Progress Report ( Kris Chatterson & Vince Contarino), Thanks ever so much!

Posted by Dennis at October 29, 2010 3:23 PM

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