January 8, 2011

Ambient (Influences)

There has been much that's happened here at 510 Bernard Street that I haven't documented recently, BAD Dennis. The trouble is that I don't want to be a reporter of local goings around, but I do want this blog to record the passage of events/experiences and ideas that have some influence on my work, no matter how tenuous they might seem. The general idea is to absorb and generate content in my work so that it might seep or ooze or otherwise get secreted from my metaphorical pores. Here is a blog post to recover a few events here surrounding my studio, starting off with Tyler Vlahovich's show at WPA gallery back in November entitled I Drank the Kool Aid. Above, witness a panoramic shot of his install, a relatively spare show of white paintings, scratched with his characteristic line work. Below, a detail also a panoramic shot:

Tyler's work has prompted me to pull out my drawings and see if I can't get back into the rhythm again.

Dave Hughes had the subsequent show which was up for December, entitled UITOA, wherein he used the WPA in-house press to make, unmake a book, which then he used as art material as part of his installation. Other elements included assemblage or sculpture (an interesting conversation I would like to have with him sometime soon), which you can see if you click here... or you could just go the WPA website for proper documentation of the show.

Out in the hallway, there is a pocket gallery for 2nd Cannons Publications, helmed by Brian Kennon. From mid November to mid December, Patrick Hill showed his sculpture made from the detrius/tools of a print edition, the shot above was on the night of the install. Here is the intro from the 2nd Cannons website:

Hot and Dumb consists of an series of prints, a sculpture and a forthcoming book of the same title (to be published by 2nd Cannons). Using a selection of 40 wood remnants from his last 8 years of sculptural production, Hill has created a large print series by ?inking? each wood block with black urethane rubber and printing it onto hand-dyed, Japanese Masa rice paper. Each block has been printed in an edition of four, making a series of 160 editioned but unique prints.

In it's Chinatown vitrine, 2nd Cannons will present Hot and Dumb (Cathedral), a sculpture consisting of the selected wood remnants used to make the print edition.


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