January 19, 2011

?don?t come crying to me.

Bruce Mau bucks up the troops, drill sergeant style:

If you are an architect and are thinking any thought other than, ?Hey, this is awesome! This is the craziest, coolest, most beautiful time in human history to be alive and working;? if you aren?t saying, ?Wow! I get to constantly learn new things, and everything is uncertain. I want everyone on the planet to get in on the action and be part of this new world of invention and beauty!??I don?t want to hear it. If you are thinking a complaint, just stop. If your thought sounds whiny or rhymes with ?woe is me? or has a mildly racist undertone about people ?over there? taking ?our? jobs?I don?t want to hear it. If you can?t tell the difference between critical and negative, and have conflated the two and built a practice around ?challenging? this or that, and are wondering why people aren?t interested?don?t come crying to me.

However, if you have woken up and realized that the internal monologue and obsession with policing the boundary of ?big A? licensed Architecture means that architects could lose the thread of the most important movement in history, the movement to redesign the world and everything we do to sustainably meet the needs of the 4.5 billion children who will be born before midcentury, then do something about it. If you realize your colleagues have been so busy policing the fence of exclusivity that they forgot to open the door of possibility, then get in the game. If you understand that the practice of architecture?the practice of synthesis that generates coherent unity from massively complex and diverse inputs?just might be the operating system that we need to solve the challenges that we face in meeting the needs of the next generation, then join the movement. If you get the fact that architecture, and the design methodologies at its core, could be central to the future of cities, governments, ecologies, and businesses, then please raise your voice in the chorus of potential. Get into the discussion and leave your worries about the fence that separates you from the rest of the world behind you. Stop the complaining?and join the revolution of possibility.

Sounds like this is a cousin of the double rainbow.

More command encouragement here.

P.S.: Architects are a bit hamstrung by the same responsibility doctors have. First, do no harm. Artists have a downstroke into the mean streets of human existence, transgression and rebellion are the most important items in the tool kit.

Posted by Dennis at January 19, 2011 4:11 PM

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