February 3, 2011

Stay Thirsty, My Friends.

This post is for a couple of my artist friends, Jxxxx & Axxxxx, who used to love to ridicule the persona "Most Interesting Man", an advertising vehicle for Dos Equis. I had the impression that this image of manhood really got under their skin.

The scare quotes above may not be that appropriate after all. Via CurbedLA, here is a profile of the actor who plays him, Jonathan Goldsmith, from the New Yorker by Nick Paumgarten. A small sample, a one paragraph snip from an amusing and informative article:
Goldsmith is not this man. Still, he has more in common with him than you do. A montage of highlights from the real life of Jonathan Goldsmith might include (had there been cameras present) footage of him rescuing a stranded climber on Mt. Whitney, saving a drowning girl in Malibu, sailing the high seas with his friend Fernando Lamas (the inspiration for his Interesting persona and, according to Goldsmith, ?the greatest swordsman who ever lived in Hollywood?), and starting a successful network marketing business (?I was a hustler, a very good hustler?), which, for a while, anyway, enabled him to flee Hollywood for an estate in the Sierras. Among the outtakes might be glimpses of his stint as a waterless-car-wash entrepreneur. ?I love the old philosophers,? he said. ?I have a large library. I am not a die-hard sports fan. I love to cut wood.?
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