February 18, 2011

Is the War Over?

Serge Guilbaut. ?La guerra ha terminado? from Museo Reina Sof?a on Vimeo.

There's a wonderful show on the fourth floor of the Reina Sophia, Is the War Over? Art in a Divided World (1945-1968), and I was lucky to find this video on the Reina Sophia web site to share it with my friends. When I go to ARCO, I usually frame my time in Madrid pretty tight to the fair. Enjoying the huge assortment of cultural offerings of Madrid is therefore a touch and go affair, and so it was again tonight as I able to visit the Reina Sophia during one of their late night (to midnight!) hours, specially designed to cater to the art fair participants who are otherwise captive to their exhibit booths for the lion share of the day. After grabbing beers and a plate of canap?s at the marvelous Cerveceria Los Gatos on Lope de Vega street, we walked off the grub for a few blocks to catch the few remaining hours of the museum. I was ready to marvel at the collection at the Reina Sophia, but this show blew me away with a whole giant floor (the Reina Sophia was a hospital in a former incarnation, I hazard to recall here), and it was one of those times when there was too much to take in, that "died and gone to heaven/kid in a candy shop" feeling. Most museums try to curate a show from their ambient collections, few succeed. This show at the Reina Sophia is a smashing success: deep content, a dizzying array of works from a huge spectrum of international artists, work after work from artists well known but not seen before (at least for a Yankee abroad like myself), a spotlight on history bright and searing... and all the while the ticking clock of my airline departure schedule loomed like a sword of Damocles. It was a desperate feeling albeit mixed with joy, trying to soak it all in and knowing that time is decidedly not on your side.

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