March 1, 2011

Tarzan is Coming

Old friend Henry Taylor has a studio next door to mine, and working next to him is endlessly stimulating, inspiring, hilarious, profound even. I've been careful not to exploit him with blogpost reports however tempting it would be to set up a site called "Do You Know What I Mean?" and milk him for wisdom on a regular basis. And trust me, Henry Taylor is one wise dude.

Henry has a show coming next month at Blum & Poe, and while I've been minding my manners with blogpost publication, I promise to convey a full measure of the Henry Taylor experience as his show date nears.

Friend, artist, ChinaTown local, Sean Cassidy sent me a short video of Henry's patois as he putters in his studio in ChinaTown and I thought that both Sean and Henry wouldn't mind it too much if I loaded it up on YouTube and embedded it here to share with you all in this blog. Enjoy. More to come.

PostScript: I like the shot of the model at the beginning, with Henry and his dust pan rising up, shattering the scale like Gulliver. The model is of his upcoming show at Blum & Poe... but don't fix on its' design. I predict that all bets are off once he gets the art materials into the room for the install.

Posted by Dennis at March 1, 2011 4:48 AM

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