March 8, 2011

Unt/tled at the Armory Art Fair NYC 2011

Andrew Hahn and Ry Rocklen at Joel Mesler and Carol Cohen's Unt/tled booth at the Armory Art Fair 2011 at pier 92 in New York City.

Andrew Hahn's paint/ink on canvas, an edition of linocut evolved silk screens and Ry Rocklen's triangular tiles made of pennies, head's up. I know these guys too well, I have such an affection for all of them that I fear a mewling, over-the-top adoring blogpost might erupt in any minute. So with this minimal tip of the hat, I indicate to you a small sense of what went on, aided with two links from the press that provides a few gritty details as they are wont, those horse race tendencies of the art business press:

Bargains Were the New Bling at the Armory Show's VIP Opening, With Affordable Works Joining Blue-Chip Art for Lively Sales

Adam Sender Buys $2,000 Pictures; $4.5 Million Giacometti Sells

("Good Luck". Linocut/Penny Press above, by Andrew Hahn.)



Another image here.

And a close up of Ry's floor (of which is notable to me -on some level, don't know what- that they are sold by the hexagon):


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