March 31, 2011

Notes on Looking

I've been meaning to post this for a long time now, about Geoff Tuck's (and David Richards) Notes on Looking. Geoff publishes THE BEST news blog, based in Los Angeles, better than any publication online or off, magazine, newspaper, anything. I highly recommend signing up for his weekly email newsletter. He's a lively writer, a pleasure to read. Here is his blurb in Notes on Looking's About section:

Notes on Looking is a weblog about contemporary art in Los Angeles. In this journal I share my thoughts on the work I see and offer images and hyperlinks to gallery websites, artist?s websites, interviews, pertinent online historical documents, videos, and music.

A constant theme of Notes is my love of Los Angeles? seasons, geographies, neighborhoods, freeways and interchanges, sidewalks and storefronts. Notes is grounded in the city of Los Angeles and of course in my own experience of the city. My debt to Reyner Banham?s Four Ecologies and Carey McWilliams? An Island on the Land is apparent. A life spent making sense of the world with the help of writers who focus on Los Angeles has taught me to value as particular to LA much of what I see in it, especially its art and music.

Notes on Looking is a guide to the city?s visual arts exhibitions and musical events and also offers you tools to approach and question an artist?s or curator?s ideas. This journal shares my perspective on culture-making in Los Angeles and ? using the developing resource of the Internet ? offers you a way to do your own research.

Welcome to Notes on Looking, I look forward to your conversation.

Geoff Tuck, the most trusted name in Los Angeles contemporary art.

Artist. Word tiger. Writer of thought-provoking, insightful and enthusiastic essays, introductions and interviews. Commission me to elucidate and contextualize your work and your practice for a reading audience.

Highly Recommended.

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