June 15, 2011

Blog Maintenance

I'm tinkering with the blog.

The central objective this week is to provide a catalog of work that is easily obtainable from the blog, soon to be added to the colophon on the left side bar. I have long considered this blog a personal sketch book, a collection of influences pinned together much like a butterfly collection. Recently, I have received requests from some of my galleries to edge out of the cryptic zone and provide access to the paintings that wouldn't force you, my kind audience, from having to scroll through endless archives in order to see the paintings as quickly as possible. I've always avoided the professional earmarks in this publication, considering that this is what the galleries are for (for example, if you wanted to see the resume or paintings for that matter, you could always go straight to my galleries linked in the colophon, and find my resume and pics of various paintings there). But I also understand that after eight years of blogging, I have amassed a huge pile of blogposts and data mining is not everyones' specific m?tier.

Expect to find links in the colophon to painting catalogs by the years and a standard resume that will be set next to my favored and beloved timeline bio.

That is all.

Posted by Dennis at June 15, 2011 2:12 PM

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