October 6, 2011

WPA Presents

WPA-Syrop-Vlanovich.gif Tomorrow night, the art collective WPA will open two shows. Tyler Vlanovich's show is called "What Gives", he's installing a spectrum of paintings to objects that are unified by a unique sensibility of lines that are created by color fill. Well, that's my characterization, I wonder how he would respond to that?

Tyler is installed in "Gallery 1", "Gallery 2" is a gift from Henry Taylor, he cleared his studio so that WPA could mount a show for Mitchell Syrop, who will feature five of his textual paintings (drawings?), all dripping with equal parts poetry, humor and acerbic wit.

Googling around for a descriptor for Syrop's work, I found this gem:

Interesting character. Swears like a sailor in class but buys us pizza to make up for it. The other day in class he had a pointer stick that looks like a spear and he decided to throw it at the ceiling, caveman style, to try to make it stick in the tiles. If you put in good effort you will get an A on your projects. He hasn't assigned any tests yet.
As a descriptor, it's not as good as any other... you'll have to come in and check his work out in the flesh for yourself.

(Whatever you do, don't rely on these pics that I shot of the two installations earlier today:)

Syrop.gif Mitchell Syrop.

Vlanovich.gif Tyler Vlanovich.

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