November 25, 2011


Susan-Kare-GUI.gif Here's an interesting read, a snip of the end of the piece:

I asked Kare if she had any feeling at the time that the work she was doing at Apple 30 years ago would be so pervasively influential. ?You can set out to make a painting, but you can?t set out to make a great painting,? she told me. ?If you look at that blank canvas and say, ?Now I?m going to create a masterpiece? ? that?s just foolhardy. You just have to make the best painting you can, and if you?re lucky, people will get the message.?
It's true that reaching for greatness can gutter ball into working for an effect and not affect. But what if your personal best involves swinging for the bleachers? Luck is only satisfying when you have it.

Posted by Dennis at November 25, 2011 2:45 PM

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