December 28, 2011

Emphasis Mine

Mixel-1.gif Everything in this post is lifted from an interesting NYTimes article about appropriation:

In a deposition in the case that was recently published as part of an unlikely art book by the writer and director Greg Allen, lawyers for Mr. Cariou follow Mr. Prince deep into the strange and often trackless territory of artistic intention. About as close as they get to pinning him down is that he wanted to use the borrowed pictures to explore his fascination with the painting of Willem de Kooning and also thought of his collages and paintings as part of an idea for a movie about a post-apocalyptic world in which Rastafarians, famous literary lesbians and others commandeer hotels on St. Bart?s. ?So what are four lesbians from the early 20th century doing on St. Bart?s in, now, when there?s a nuclear war, like why are they there?? a lawyer asked Mr. Prince, who responded: ?Your guess is as good as mine. That?s what I do, I make things up.?

At another point in the transcript of the deposition, a lawyer asked, ?What is the message??

Mr. Prince replied, ?The message is to make great art that makes people feel good.?

Well, that's one answer.

Link. (Hat tip: Althouse)

UPDATE: The Mixel image added above, the app mentioned in the article. This is now the second app that will I use to make collages from online and personal sources. The previous post, for example, was illustrated with WebCut.

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