February 13, 2012


Time 0:10 I like the Brush application on my iPad. It's simple but the tools available are more than sufficient for a broad range of expression. Unlike a "real" sketchbook, you won't run out of pages, you can send and copy as you want, and you can play back the sequence of strokes in a way that might reveal a train of thought.

So somewhere along the way, I thought maybe I could film the playback it and show it to you.

Time 0:13 It so happens that the proportions of the screen is identical to the dimensions of the canvas (8'x12'), nice.

Time 0:15 The preconception makes its appearance. I resist it.

Time 0:20 A previous painting was fun/interesting/potent. I wonder if it could be as good at a larger scale?

Time 0:28 Squish the circle/sphere into the rest of the space. Goggles.

Time 0:33 No.

Time 0:38 I like the black. It's a soft black hole, energy flows as if down a drain. Malevich, all the way.

Time 0:40 Could I paint something like this. It is a painting from 2005 called "Icebergs, Continents, Universes.", I showed it at Tanya Rumpff's gallery in Haarlem, Netherlands. I'd like to see it again, paint it again.

But could it be done in black?

Time 0:42 No. And especially not with a black Malevich square.

Time 0:57 Back to Supremely So.

Time 1:02 No.

Time 1:10 Sunshine. Again.

Oh, the agony, the ecstasy.

Time 1:23 No.

Time 1:30 Figure it out.

Time 1:36 I'm becoming aware of the ability to view the playback, to be able to animate with this thing. I'm starting to devise a way to record this and post it on the blog/YouTube.

Time 1:39 Stop that self conscious shit. The entry into the big painting is the task at hand.

Time 1:46 These rays. They could tesselate.

Time 1:50 Madness.

Time 1:51 Big black lines are nice. There is a possibility to draw boldly, command the canvas.

A huge face like sugar.

Time 1:53 What if I could turn Supremely So and link ray-to-hole across the canvas?

Time 1:58 No. At least not yet.

Time 2:01 Let's make a torso for the hell of it.

Time 2:06 Let's get serious, here.

Time 2:08 Back to Supremely So in torsion.

Time 2:17 An array.

Time 2:18 No, at least not yet.

Time 2:20 What was that first mental image I had so long ago?

In the geometry of Orbital, the center of the circle was well outside and off center in relation to the geometry of the canvas. For this painting, the points of reference will be outside of the building. A problem that could be part of a solution, according to the premise.

Still, it's too close to the other paintings, running on a format makes sense when it can adjust to new circumstances well. It would be an increase in scale, but that's all it would be.

Time 2:25 What if I jammed both dominant ideas together?

Time 2:27 Run away!!!

Time 2:35 Blah.

Time 2:39 Start again.

Time 2:43 Supremely So, So, So, So, So.

Time 2:25 They are like fingers. Finger nails. Goth kid.

Time 2:53 I traced my hand on the screen. Five fingers.

Now I have a ranking of height with five referents.

Time 3:00 Do it again, better.

Time 3:09 Transit of the planets. Arc of the Ecliptic. Ellipsis. Eclipses. The other side of the black holes pour, not suck.

Fingers press on the other side of a glass-pane-picture-plane heavy with kaleidoscopic condensate.

Time 3:13 I was listening to SoundCloud at the time, searching Q-Tip for any artist so inspired. And there are a lot of them. I decided to download and use T.Rice's work for it (Creative Commons is in effect and ok as far as I can tell).

Time 3:27 So it was a nice sign of kismet when the lyrics matched the effort in making the video. A blessing.

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