June 28, 2012

I?aki Lacosta's Space Hub

Tomorrow night, I'll be attending the opening of a good friend, I?aki Lacosta at espacio art space in Santa Monica. I?aki is a polymath from Zaragoza, Spain and one of the other hats he wears is the owner of Entropy Studio, a visual effects company. Hugely successful in Europe, he is here establishing an studio in Los Angeles. As he described it to me, he created an virtual abandoned train station in great detail where all of the action in his video encompasses a very brief segment of "real" time where apparently mundane verisimilitude punctuate the action: ambient sounds of trains passing, wind blowing trash into corners, doppler conversations (now I must be ornamenting my memory). He described a gambit of projecting the images onto a corner of the exhibition space, using simple perspective correction software to alter the architecture of the space. I'm looking forward to seeing it. I?aki is an ebullient and genial genius and if you get a chance to attend the opening, please take the time to meet him and pick his brain. You won't be disappointed.

From the announcement:

Space Hub is a Video-Creation by I?aki Lacosta. Space Hub is a virtual space, a metaphorical, complex and deeply conceptual hub. Please join us for an exhibit showcasing new work by I?aki Lacosta this Friday 6/29/12, 6:30pm.Curated by Ana Revilla. www.join-espacio.com
[ espacio ] art space 1657 12th Street Santa Monica, California 90404 USA

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