February 9, 2013


Ahora, but not for long. We are making the transition from a temporary home in the Upper East Side to our real home in Manhattan in the Lower East Side. NYC is full of specific neighborhoods each with their own colorful identities. It's been wonderful living in this part of the city, the lower part of the Upper East Side. A bit dreamy. The easy access to Central Park, to the big museums, to the shopping above and below us, the Queensborough Bridge and the riverside park vistas. The people on the street here are wonderful, open, usually walkings their dogs. Compared to the LES, there are many more amenities for pets in this part of town with several dog parks and pet supply stores in the vicinity. Our little dog Mica has had a terrific acculturation to the big city, every walk is studded with social encounters not only with other dogs but with dog owners usually with an available biscuit in their pockets.

Posted by Dennis at February 9, 2013 7:56 AM

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