March 6, 2013

Doug Henders: Background Checks

As a winter storm bears down across the midwest towards the east coast (perhaps the last one this season?), the Armory Fair and the Independent Art Fair have programmed events for the week in NYC. In the midst of these storms, my friend Doug Henders is opening a solo show at Mayson Gallery in the LES. Here is his press release:

Doug Henders

Wednesday, March 6 - Saturday, April 6, 2013
Artist Reception: Wednesday, March 6, 6-8pm

Mayson Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition of works by Doug Henders. In BACKGROUND CHECKS, Henders continues his exploration of filtering information through the process of painting; using maps, diagrams and images as a history of recorded events. This karmic audit examines the past 10 years of his exhibited works in the US, Europe and Middle East, extrapolating abstract forms and recurring themes into psychedelic feedback loops, alchemic landscapes and body scans.

Henders working process is grounded in his early career as a Cartographer in the US Army, stationed at European Headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany, where he presented strategic briefings in the War Room. It's also where he first saw the work of Polke, Richter, Kippenberger, painters who inspired him to later attend art school using the GI Bill. In the years since receiving his BFA in the 80's, Henders has endeavored to reconcile these conflicting cultures, by combining his military experience of mapping observation with the practice of painting.


In addition to our opening reception, Mayson Gallery will be participating in the annual LES GALLERY STROLL! Please visit us on Sunday, March 10, 12-6pm to view the incredible work of Doug Henders: Background Checks, and imbibe some delicious refreshments!

Doug and I first met many years ago when he visited my studio in LA's Chinatown. I can count on one hand, the number of fellow artists who share a formative experience in the US military together, Doug is one of them. On top of this, I can count on one finger, the number of folks who have had a similar job in the service, his experience in the Army War Room is a parallel to my work in a warship Combat Information Center, that part of the ship just behind the bridge, a dark room lit by radars and edge lit plexiglass plot boards. This kind of job was a premonition of the information age to come, the marshaling of data into a mental picture modelled on anticipated situational reality. It was for me, and I think it was also for Doug, a peculiarly appropriate preschool for an art education and career to follow afterwards.

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