July 1, 2014

Doug Henders

Helmet-Cam.jpg Doug Henders
"Helmet Cam"
Oil paint + pigmented ink on canvas

Who did I Hat Tip back in the Die Antwoord post? That'd be Doug Henders. An old friend, he's one of the few artists that I know who also spent time in the service after high school, he was stationed in Germany, the traces of which I think can be seen in his paintings. He also worked for Prince, the traces too, I think are legible. He opened up the Ninja/Yo-Landi wormhole for me last week (Andrew Hahn cracked the door open as well last year with an Evil Boy link. PS: Die Antwoord's tour comes to NYC & LA this September.) I'm still in free fall. Here's a nearly impromptu performance via Taxijam...

Posted by Dennis at July 1, 2014 7:34 AM

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