July 14, 2014

bashin' dere brainz

bashin' dere brainz


Posted by Dennis at July 14, 2014 11:03 AM


Hi Dennis,
It's John Pomara still in Texas. It has been awhile since we last spoke but I stumbled upon your blog from an old bookmark today and just wanted to say the new paintings are amazing!!!!! Really like them a lot. I see you and your wife are in Spain and you have a show coming up. Hope you have a great summer.
regards, J.

Hello John, great to get your message, thanks so much! All is going well, New York is certainly a dream come true. Hope to cross paths with you soon some day, maybe in Tossa one summer! All the best,


Dennis, your work is amazing and original like always.

Hello Dennis,

I really like the new paintings, especially the first layer.

This is just conversation, I imagine one you've had with yourself.

The bottom layer has such wonderful composition/graphics/great technique,..so, just a thought: Could these paintings sing without the monads?

Don't get me wrong..I enjoy your blog, your paintings and their new direction. I'm simply wondering, without them...could it initiate change, break the egg?

Best wishes,

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