July 18, 2014

Jack Davidson Studio Visit

Stephanie and I went to Barcelona to have lunch with Ana and Iñaki (who took the bullet train in from Zaragoza for the occasion, still amazing) and afterwards, we stopped by Jack Davidson's studio to see what he's been painting recently. Jack lives in the bloody heart of Barcelona, the heart of Catalunya, the same heart that Juame de Somebody back in Catalan history dipped his fingers into his wounded chest and scribed the future Catalan flag on a nearby shield(*1), right in the middle of Carrer de Las Ramblas. A Scot, schooled in London, a former resident of NYC, now a dual citizen of the EU and the USA, Jack is one of a few who shares a familiarity(*2) with the conjunction of NYC+BCN.

The image above is of Jack's building's atrium above, a glimpse you can get as you exit and wheel your head skyward. I'm leading with this not to necessarily represent his painting with it... but then there is a theme of something Egyptian and eternal... as also is his abstractions in paint, now that I think about it.

Note *1: No kidding, the story involves a count of Barcelona, also known as "Hairy", and the wounded Juame Charles the Bald.

Note*2: Let's grow this.


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Wild paintings, parquet, and pics!

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