May 10, 2016

Big Chelsea

Last week was another art fair week in NYC with NADA and Frieze in the limelight. People say that during this time, the Chelsea galleries tend to showcase exhibitions of established legacy artists, so much so that they tend to resemble a MoMA pop up exhibition. The younger galleries that show emerging and less established artists have moved to or sprouted in the Lower East Side, Brooklyn and Haarlem. Only the fat cats have remained in Chelsea. The art world today is much much larger than it was at the inception of museums of the stature of MoMA, and I suspect that the story of art has grown and multiplied to the degree that exceeds the configuration of the museum both physically and organizationally. Therefore, a museum scale Chelsea. Here's a sampling from my tour last Saturday:


Posted by Dennis at May 10, 2016 10:25 PM

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