September 4, 2016


Overall Routine in the USA:

1) Make something (art). Usually, a painting.
2) See friends, see art.
3) Repeat 1 & 2.

Overall Routine in Spain/Catalunya:
1) Make something (art). Usually, a painting.
Awake late, around noon.
Coffee, breakfast.
Watch Torres en la Cocina on TV1.
Take care of have-to-do's or get into the studio.
Bite to eat in the afternoon, evening.
Work overnight, going to bed near sunrise.
Repeat as necessary.
2) See friends, usually highjinks (beach/dinner/parties), lots of drinking, up all night near to sunrise.
3) Repeat 1 & 2.

The Gemelos Torres (Torres Twins) are wonderful. My wife and I have been following them since their earlier incarnation in Cocina 2, a fabulous program in which the twins source food in the many regions of Spain and have a cook off duel. That earlier show was so great, we had to adjust to their new stationary kitchen format. They've long been on their footing with their new show and aspects of the Cocina 2 duelo cook-off shine through. Food and culture are fused, and their program is a particularly enlightening window into what Spain is all about. Their chemistry is charming, mixing the personal and professional as only the Spanish do. [I pause... what other countries/cultures are equally gracioso?] They have a distinct point of view about food, concentrating flavor into focused notes, fashioning morsel bombs and showcasing the special character of the food of the Iberian Peninsula.

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