October 17, 2017

New Canvas

Over the summer, I was thinking about Gaudi's Baldachin (the stretched panels ringing the structure), the cups I was employing to catch the weeping paint on a few older canvases in my possession, the possibilities of a lighter weight support and the legacy of artists who considered the entirety of a painting as a vehicle of expression. I'm thinking of early Robert Ryman, the precedent of Fontana, and the multitude of artists in recent generations who seek to expose the presence of the stretcher bars in various ways. I thought, what if the support was wrought as plastically as the paint?

Before I left Spain, I made a ring of stiff wire and hot glued canvas along the perimeter. Once I returned to NYC, I bought some wire and went to work...

Posted by Dennis at October 17, 2017 8:40 PM

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