January 26, 2019

Angles de Reflexió

Richard Vanderaa (of Galerie Richard Vanderaa sent me installation photos of one of my heads in his exhibition. Background here.

A more complete description of the festival follows below the fold.

From the publicity promoting the festival (from El Punt Avui:

"When tyranny is law, the revolution is an order," said Consol Ribas yesterday in one of his passionate interventions, to present the 12th Pepe Sales Festival, quoting a song from the Puerto Rican group Calle 13, which at the same time cites a phrase by Pedro Albizu Campos, a key figure in the independence of Puerto Rico. The independent art festival organized by La Penyora watches this year even further, in Korea of ​​Yi Sang (1910-1937), "the damned poet of Seoul", which from next Friday will center a whole series of activities , such as the already classic collective exhibition on La Mercè, centered on the mirror, as one of the recurring elements in the poetry of Yi Sang. There will also be no short films inspired by his work and the great central festival gala, which next Tuesday will fill the auditorium of La Mercè with 17 performances, including a taekwondo demonstration with live cello music, plus one end of party at the cloister with the acoustic reggae of The Wah Wahs. All events are free.

The main news will be concentrated next Saturday, when a show of gastronomy will take place in La Penyora, with the participation of half a dozen Korean restaurants in Barcelona ("La gastronomía es una de las manifestaciones que más define una cultura", como recordó Lluís Llamas), and in parallel, the exhibition "Angles de reflexió", with "visual interpretations of the Mirror of Yi Sang" by the artists Jordi Cerdà, Jordi Galí, Dennis Hollingsworth, Marta Juvanteny, will be inaugurated in the neighboring Richard Vanderaa Gallery. Jordi Mitjà and Pere Noguera. Cinema, photography and a Korean conference given by the travel writer Gabi Martínez complete a program that will close with a roundtable on architecture and poetry, the trade and passion of Yi Sang, a man of short and random life, all passed under the Japanese command of Korea. "The Koreans are very hospitable, as the Catalans, because both them and us have invaded us many times," said Consol Ribas in an act in which Councilor Carles Ribas praised the work of the Pepe Sales Festival in favor of the basic culture.

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