March 13, 2019

between chess and painting

I was born in the year that this was made, perhaps at that very moment since Marcel is in shirtsleeves.

"I wanted no more obvious influences. I wanted to be living in my day."
-Marcel Duchamp
"I wanted to change... never repeating myself..."

"...a dry conception of art..."

" had to go according to plan, so to speak."

"...this led me to the conclusion that you are either a professional painter or not. There are two kinds of artist. The artist that is integrated into society and the completely freelance artist who has nothing to do [with society] , who has no bonds."

"The danger is to please an immediate public, the immediate public that takes you in and accepts you and gives you success and everything. Instead of that, if you wait for your public, that should come fifty years, a hundred years after your death, that's the right public I want."

"The danger is to lead yourself into a form of taste.... it's a habit, a repetition of the same thing long enough to become taste. If you cut it shortly after you've done it, it becomes a thing unto itself. But if it's repeated itself a number of times, it becomes a taste."

"... a sort of conclusion a consequence of the dehumanization of the work of art. In such a point that I came to the readymades."

"I found some common points between chess and painting, actually. When you play a game of chess, it's like when you design something or constructing a mechanism of some kind by which you win or lose... the thing itself is very, very plastic and that's what probably attracted me to the game."

"I believe that art is the only activity where man shows himself to be a true individual and is capable of going beyond the animal state because art is an outlet towards regions which are not drawn by time or space. To live is to believe."

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