August 3, 2019

Summer Music: 2019

Most every summer is marked by pop music hits, despite that I have noted a lapse in this rule in recent years. This summer recovers the power of pop music and Rosalía in particular has reached the superlative. Two examples below and a particularly excellent analysis follows...

Fucking Money Man


ROSALÍA: What no one is saying about her new album: El Mal Querer | Jaime Altozano

I've seen a lot of articles about Rosalía and El Mal Querer, but there's something no one is talking about... the music!! The chords, the production techniques, the melodies, and the mix of different genres that make this such a brilliant and exceptional album.

I only do this kind of long videos for things like Hamilton, The Lord of the Rings and such, but I truly believe this album is that good.


Rosalía responded to Jaime's analysis:

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