September 26, 2020

AIR.CAT L'entremig #3: Kiko Noguera

AIR.CAT is a summer residency program that I created with old friends Alberto Barcia Fernand├ęz and Gerard Smulevich in 2019. That summer was a kind of proof on concept and this year was to be the first full iteration of the program. Then came along a worldwide pandemic lockdown that forced us to postpone the residency until next summer. In the meantime (in Catalan, "L'entremig" means in-between), we are convening the artists of the program with various personalities from Tossa and Catalunya. In this episode, we talk with a builder, son of Tossa and old friend Kiko Noguera. Kiko knows traditional construction techniques, a specialty that we call here in the USA, historic preservation. He talks about this and what it was like to grow up in this part of the Mediterranean.

Posted by Dennis at September 26, 2020 10:35 PM

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