November 9, 2020

Crazy Wall



Crazy Wall

Crazy Wall is the term most often used in film-nerd discussions of these telegenic collages of clues and cuttings, but, the website that identifies frequently-used plot devices, points out several variants. First there is the "Room Full of Crazy" ie, an entire room papered and pinned by a criminal conspirer or conspiracy victim (the first series of ITV's Whitechapel went even further and gave its ripper-obsessive serial killer a whole flat, including a fridge with human body parts)...
...In other words, the Crazy Wall is TV's way of marking the era in which we all became armchair conspiracy theorists.

Collage, people.


And what, in this case, is the corollary of the conspiracy in the context of this artists' drawing? The case of an emergent 21st century agenda. The 20th has passed away, and zombies* roam the land.

(*Wink: Martin Mugar, who first coined the term.)

Posted by Dennis at November 9, 2020 5:37 PM

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