December 2, 2020

First Memory?


Memories, are they constructed or reverberations of an eye witness or both?

Sometime around high school, over a long period of time, a persistent image began to resolve in my mind. A blade of light suddenly streaming into the darkness. A silhouette. An interference pattern. I was upset, maybe hot. A hand on my belly and soothing sounds, maybe "ah... ah.... ah..."


There are a multitude of ways to render this memory. Pencil, paper, paint. But I wanted to have light flood into a room, and move a POV until the bars of a crib would screen as adjusted. I could have used SketchUp to model the room, but it was Blender that could position a light pouring element. I could adjust the intensity, bounce it off the walls. Blender has a function that imports an articulable figure, but my learning curve was too primitive for that. So I hammered out a form bluntly. A silhouette with light rounding curves was all I needed. The mission was a blunt as my use of the software, so all went well.

Posted by Dennis at December 2, 2020 3:23 PM

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